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Nokia Loves The Tiger

Why is it that of all the bajillion brands out there, Nokia is the only one that has the balls to approach a crazy basterd like me, jump into bed and bang me like a salvation army drum?

Actually wait. I think that last sentence might have just answered itself…



Still though, it really says a lot about a brand when they aren’t afraid to associate themselves with someone who doesn’t follow the 2OceansVibe formula to becoming a successful blogger, ie. towtheline towtheline towtheline ADVERTISE towtheline towtheline ADVERTISE towtheline ADVERTISE ADVERTISE!

That’s what blogs do. That’s the South African (and in many cases international) way of blogging. You build a brand by writing deliberately controversial tabloid-style posts about scandalous topics (that aren’t really that scandalous), you post funny YouTube videos of people getting kicked in the nuts, you put boobs on the site, you pretend to be this smarmy asshole until you are one, and brands fall over themselves to associate themselves with you.



But not Nokia. They never incentivised me, they never made me feel like I was selling my soul to Satan, none of that bullshit. They just read the site, liked my style and started showering me with free shit.

On Friday I’m checking out U2 thanks to Nokia. J-Rab and I are heading through to what people who caught them in Joburg are saying is one of the best concerts SA has seen in a long time and it’s all thanks to Nokia.

You guys rock. Nearly a year and a half of blogging and you’re the only brand that has proven yourselves to be different from the rest because you have the stones to associate yourselves with a guy who is stupid enough, or crazy enough, to blog honestly about what he thinks and feels.

So yeah, this post serves no purpose other than to punt Nokia, but I’ll gladly do that because while I don’t believe in selling out, I do believe in paying respect where it’s due.



Sing a U2 Song, Win Tickets To Watch Them Live!

A lot of people out there love U2 and I can’t say I blame them. They wrote some killer, killer stuff back in the day and Bono does all kinds of stuff to save the planet which is a lot more than you can say for most bands who seem content to blow all their money on holiday houses, yachts, prozzies and, well, huge piles of blow.

So hats off to U2, they’re a great band. Not so sure about the whole Spiderman musical thing happening on broadway right now, but yeah I’m not judging until someone swings me some free tickets to check it out, which should be any day now.



Speaking of free tickets, how radass is this: from Monday next week you best follow @947Highveld on Twitter (#U2Highveld) or check for updates on their Facebook page because a mobile stage is going to be driving around Gauteng, popping up daily in different locations until Friday and if you get your ass ON that stage and sing your favourite U2 song, you could win tickets to the show.

There’s even a YouTube channel to watch everyone’s heartfelt attempts at getting their Bono on  ( which is guaranteed for at least a couple of laughs while you’re at work.

What’s even more flippin whoresome is the fact that this gig, this very U2 gig in good ‘ol Saffrica, is going to be the BIGGEST CONCERT U2 HAVE EVER PLAYED!

Soccer City’s current capacity is roughly 100 000 and the biggest crowd the band’s played to thus far was 96 000 in California. Can I get a fuck yeah? Bono?



Thank you.

I think you want to be a part of that. I think it’s about time you turned all those hours you spent singing “The Streets Have No Name” in the shower or “One” while you were heartbroken on karaoke night at the local pub to good use.

WIN those tickets! Show ‘em who’s boss! And when you’re up there, belting out “Sunday Bloody Sunday” on the Highveld portable stage with everything you got, be sure to tell ‘em who sent ya Winking smile

Go forth my children. Make papa proud.


A Word From The Kind Folks At Nokia

May 2020