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Tiger In Flames

I don’t have any illusions when I write this blog, I know it’s not going to bring me fame and riches and I think I’m fine with that.

To get fame and riches you have to tow the line and I’ve always been lousy at that so I just write whatever the hell I feel like writing because as long as I’m doing that, keeping the posts up, maybe making a few people laugh here and there, I feel like I’m making some kind of progress, slow as that might be.



I also learned pretty early on that when it comes to a blog site, the very most you can ask of people is that they hit your site. Not even necessarily read your stuff, just hit the site so your numbers tick over.

Anything more than that is an added bonus, something unexpected, which is why I value the comments people leave here so much because that’s the highest level of engagement you could ever ask for on a blog site.

As sad as it might sound the hard truth of the matter is that on the interwebs people wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire and I’m not saying that in an angry or bitter way, I’d be a hypocrite if I were because I wouldn’t piss on anyone if they were on fire either.

Ironically, all this preamble is of course leading to the moment where I ask you guys to help a Tiger out, as futile as that might be, so let’s just skip the foreplay and get down to it.

The gig I had writing for has unfortunately come to an end. They’d still love to publish my content but due to lack of support from advertisers, can no longer afford to pay me for it and that news couldn’t possibly have come at a worse time.

J-Rab is between jobs at the moment and the money is drying up fast.



I need to land something in the next three weeks, a couple of somethings ideally, so that I can bring home a little extra bacon, so I’m firing this out there into the ether to see if you or anyone you know is looking for a writer, doesn’t matter what it is, I’ll write the shit out of it.

Hit me on if you know of anything. I can’t really give you anything in return, but I’ll put in a good word with the universe, we go way back Winking smile

Yours in soon to be abject squalor,



The Tiger’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

Yeah! Music stuffs! I used to post music stuffs all the time and the thing is I still post music stuffs, just not on this site, on If you go there right now you’ll see that I pretty much OWN that site content wise and it’s awesome!

If you want awesome content on your site too why the hell don’t you just mail me at, pay me a modest fee and prepare for your site views to hit the mother flippin’ ceiling yo!

I’m a gun for hire these days, which is the badass way of saying I’ll lick your balls for $5.

The Pulpmag gig helps me to pay the rent, but the diehard fans of this site get pissed off when I post my Pulpmag stuff here because I usually give the opening few paragraphs of a review and then make them hit Pulpmag for the rest.



But seriously. I think it’s time we moved past such petty grievances. This is 2011, clicking on a little link to take you to another page for content isn’t going to kill you.

Man up fer chrissake!

So check, check, check it out yo, here are my top ten albums for 2010 so you can laugh at my girly taste in music…


The Tiger’s Top 10 Albums of 2010




Gig Review: The Show Must Go On (Queen Tribute Show)

You gotta dig a guy like Freddie Mercury. It’s practically a law! Not only was he a musical genius and a phenomenal singer, but the man was rumoured to have once thrown a party so wild it had midgets roaming around with trays of cocaine strapped on their heads for guests to schnarf off.



His life was the stuff of legend – he wore crazy outfits, he had the stage presence of a young stallion and he sung some of the most memorable rock songs and ballads of all time.

Just watch the passionate vehemence with which people act out the coda (“I’m just a poor boy from a poor family…”) of “Bohemian Rhapsody” before last round gets called at the local bar and you’ll know that for as long as there is music, there will always be Queen. And so it was with realistic expectations that I went on a Thursday to the opening night of The Show Must Go On at the Roxy Revue Bar in GrandWest Casino and to be honest, it was exactly how I imagined it – a lot of fun, if you’re 45 or older.

Click here to read the whole enchilada…



Where The Music At Yo?

If you love this site as much as I do (not humanly possible) you might have noticed there haven’t been any music reviews as of late.

Reason being I’m now officially writing album review for a radass site called

So the deal is I publish a little taste of my reviews on this site, just the first couple of sentences, then if you wanna check out the full review, you click a HYPERLINK* included at the BOTTOM of the post that says “Read the whole enchilada here…” and ka-pow! It’s a done deal

So to kick things off, here are all the reviews I’ve written to date, enjoy!

Album Review: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

If Holden Caulfield, the anti-hero protagonist of The Catcher In The Rye, had to grow up and start an indie rock band, that band would be Arcade Fire.



This phenomenal Canadian group, which consists of no less than seven members, has a powerful grasp on nostalgic indie anthems that deal with themes of innocence lost and disillusionment with adulthood that would have made Holden proud.

Their debut 2004 album Funeral instantly became a firm favourite among music critics and aficionados the world over as did their 2007 follow-up, Neon Bible, which earned the band numerous awards and accolades and proved there was much more to this band than just their debut album.

And so Arcade Fire approached their third album which, many would argue, is the most difficult album to record. Repeat the material of your previous two albums and your audience will yawn in your face and move on. Stray too far from your roots and your fans will balk like skittish ponies, bitching and moaning all the while about how you either sold out or took WAY too many drugs this time around.

Read the whole enchilada here…

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Before I start writing this, a confession. This is not a new album. It’s been out for just over a year now, BUT iTunes released the deluxe version of the album three weeks ago which, coupled with the fact that pretty much no one knows this band, is justification enough to review this gem of an album.



Not a whole lot is known about Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros and the few interviews I found with the band on YouTube are difficult to watch because frontman and lead vocalist Alex Ebert has taken a lot of drugs in the 32 odd years he’s been alive and has this way of staring off into the distance in interviews and making absolutely no sense.

That said, the band itself is nothing short of seriously awesome. Like Arcade Fire, Edward Sharpe is made up of enough people to start a slow pitch softball team. Everyone in the band sings, though Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos handle the majority of the vocals.

Read the whole enchilada here…

Also look out for the “Tiger Bites” section on the site. That’s where I wrap up the week’s news in the music world.

We live in interestin’ times I tell ya. Interesting times indeed…


*WARNING: NEVER click more than 5 hyperlinks a day, it’s like feeding gremlins after midnight…

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