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USOMFA Tour Day 9: Trip To Boston

I can’t stand those asshole touristy types who move in herds, taking pictures of every damn thing they come across and asking all manner of dumbass questions like “when was this building built?” and “what part of the city is this?” and “what percentage of your burger patties are made up of rat meat?”

I prefer running with child-like glee up the streets and alleyways of new cities, soaking up everything I see and firing off random pictures of cool shit that I come across using pseudo art nouveau-ish composition to make people think I’m smarter than I really am.

Exhibit A: The Docks Where We Caught Our Ferry Into Boston City Centre



Today we struck out for Boston itself and had a pretty badass time there. The city is very clean and only smelled bad in one or two places we came across, which is much better than say Joburg city centre, which smells like ass and looks only marginally better than the version of South Africa depicted in District 9.

We caught a ferry by the name of “Rita” into Boston harbour which went surprisingly fast and was quite rad except for the part when they blasted the horn to signal we were departing and I nearly shat my pants.

Exhibit B: Rita



But the second we landed and got off I immediately felt cheated. There, on the other side of the dock was a MUCH better boat that kicked Rita’s fucking ASS!

I present to you Exhibit C: CODZILLA!



What’s cool about Boston is all the tall buildings that tower above you, reminding you that no matter how important you might think you are, you’re actually less than a speck of dust on the face of the planet when you stop to think about it.

Exhibit D: A Tall Building That Made Me Think That



All my cynical ramblings aside though, Boston is one killer city. It’s alive and has that distinctive 1st world feeling that SA tries so hard to fake but just can’t match in any way, shape, size or form.

We’re planning a second attack on Boston before we leave on Saturday, so I’ll post some more pics when we do, but until then, here’s a great pic I took of a brass frog that you could even say is a great example of some VERY creative composition.

Exhibit E: Brace Yourself…



I’m banging posts out like nobody’s business right now so that more people visit the site and vote for me in the SA blog awards (see banner on the right) so tune in at least twice a day for regular updates.

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Not dead yet

I’m not dead yet! This last week was a bad week for blogging and the posts I wrote smacked of mediocrity, but I’m only human and not yet the blogging machine I hope to one day be, but I’m getting there, one post at a time 😉

So what’s been going on in my crazy-assed life the past few days? Well, for starters I visited the dermatologist yesterday and he nailed this big skin tag that’s been growing on my forearm with some liquid nitrogen and now it looks like this:



Fuck blogging is awesome! Guess what else!? I had a salami sandwich for lunch today! I know! Stop the fucking press right?

Ironically, there are actually major changes happening in my life right now, like the fact that tomorrow at 9.20 I drop J-Rab off at Lanseria Airport and don’t see her again for two and a half weeks.

I’ll tell you one thing for free, I fucking hate long-distance. It’s hellish – the missed calls, the smses, the g-chats, the Skype calls, I wouldn’t fucking wish it on my worst enemy. J-Rab and I did it for a year and a half, I was here and she was in London, then after that she moved to Boston, that’s a 6 hour time difference kids, 7 in winter.

You think we’d be used to it, but the truth is you never get used to it. You get used to being close, coming home to the person you love, the little things y’know? Brushing your teeth together, curling up to go to sleep, all that retarded shit, the shit you never bother to put into words, you get used to that stuff.

And then she’s gone and you’re finding tiny pieces of her for weeks afterward – strands of her hair, maybe a pair of earrings here, some lip gloss there, her scent on your pillow, and you’re remembering the feeling of her breath on your neck and what it looked like to watch her disappear through the boarding gates the last time you saw her.



And then the phone calls, fuck I remember them well. The first month or two it’s bearable, but by month three, month four, it feels like you’re dating a ghost, a voice on the phone and not much more.

People said we’d never last, but we found a way, just like we’ll find a way through the next two and a half weeks.

I hope it goes by fast. The weekends are the worst and there’s two of those to get through, so hopefully it won’t be too bad, and even if it is, I’ll fight on through cause that’s what I do.

If nothing else, it should free up a little time for me to write some great material and I already have ideas bouncing around for a couple of killer posts, so watch this space 😉

Later Party People.



Christmas Eve and all is quiet…

The one thing you don’t miss after Christmas passes you by is shopping for and wrapping Christmas presents. There’s a lot of kak you have to go through to get everyone exactly the right present, especially when you’re fighting your way through hordes of zombified Christmas shoppers while R&B remixes of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ pump out of every second shop window.



But the good news is it’s all done and now all there is left to do is enjoy the next two days, eat, drink and boogy on down.

Tonight we’re going to a nice and fancy Christmas Eve party at friends of my parents. My folks assure me it won’t just be fogeys attending and that the food will be excellent so I’m pretty excited about that. I’m just hoping it feels nice and festive for J-Rab, she’s missing her family like crazy and keeps saying that it doesn’t feel like Christmas with them in Boston and us in South Africa.

In other news, I finally got the first couple of paragraphs written for this epic work of fiction I’ve had bubbling in my mind for awhile now and I’m really happy with them. I love those moments when you sit back, admire something you’ve been working on and think to yourself, ‘Fuck, did I just do that?!’

It’s the first step down a road that will take thousands more steps before I get to where I’m going, but when I get there, you’ll hear all about it 😉

I’m belting out a separate post with Christmas wishes cause I’m a big softy like that.

Peace out party people and a meeeeerrrrrryyyyyy Christmas!


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