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Somewhere back in time, Stikey and I were sitting in a kind of fort that we built out of tree branches, by a fire when he told me about the rabbit hole and how and where to find it.

Those early runs, we did a lot of them together, down into the hole, twisting through those crazy tunnels, digging new passages, unstoppable in every way.

Later he caught something down there, he got sick, those tunnels and the places they lead were full of spores and he just breathed in too many.


His grip on the world outside the Hole was lost and most of us, we thought he was done for.

But he fought back, he got back up by himself, and by himself he boarded the Hole up and bolted it shut, and hasn’t gone back since.

He’s smart, as adept at running a company as he is at fleecing you for every cent you have across a poker table. Money slides like mercury toward him and of all my friends, you bet your ass he will be the first to make a million.

There’s this line that Big Red used to say everytime he saw Stikey when we were growing up, it was a question, ‘Is he a Greek God, or a goddamn greek?’

The answer, I think, is that he’s both, which makes him a stand up guy to have on your side, but not a guy you’d want to fuck with if he isn’t.



Takes Charge

Takes Charge

He didn’t follow the mapped out paths and tunnels, the intricate highways and byways of warrens to get here. He chose to follow gut instinct instead and though it took him longer, he picked his own way through and came into this place in his own time.

He takes charge, and when he does, the world steps aside to let him through.

My earliest memory of Graumpot was seeing him at Pop Art way back when varsity first started. He was slouching on a couch, reeling drunk, not too concerned with the world around him, happy.

He joined our circle of friends late, but stuck fast because he is fiercely intelligent, overwhelmingly head-strong and has excellent taste in literature, movies and on occasion, music too.

But the thing that set him apart back when we first met him was his passionate love of comic books and graphic novels. This man has damn near read them all. He has more comic book trivia in his head than anyone I know and a graphic novel collection that you could spend a lifetime reading and still never get to the end of.

He has a wild streak in him that has lead him down dark, dark roads, it’s a side effect of his brilliant mind, but he’s not one to go down without a fight and thankfully has always been capable of picking himself up, dusting himself off and getting back on track.

He has an incredible capacity to destroy everything around him, physical objects, and then repair them good as new.

He bears a slight resemblance physically to James Howlett, or as he’s better known, Wolverine, hence the pic I chose for him.



Peggles in thought

Peggles in thought

Most of the tunnels, the twisting maze of them in this place, Peggles and I mapped out together back when we were kids, scrawny and full of bright ideas. Back then we’d race through these tunnels, but Peggles always won, it’s in his blood.

A mutual appreciation of Beavis and Butthead was what sparked off the first conversation we ever had, back when we were 13, and my life has never been the same since.

Peggles is the third of four brothers raised by a dad who practically invented the old school. Their old man taught them how to hunt, how to build a bonfire and how to sit by it and drink yourself mad staring into the flames.

Peggles and his brothers are so fucking hardcore that the oldest signed up for the Royal Marines and became a Parabat. He served terms in both Afghanistan and Iraq a few years back when it was a bad fucking idea to be anywhere near either one of those places. He saw action, a shitload of it, he doesn’t speak about it much and we don’t ask questions, we’re just glad he came out alive.

I spent so many weekends and holidays growing up with those four brothers that I practically became part of the furniture in their house, and as a result, they know everything about me and have stood by me through every single one of the worst times of my life.

Peggles himself is more than proficient at basically everything. He has the intellectual capacity of a doctor and the physical strength and stature of a pro wrestler. Add a killer sense of humour, and natural tendency toward mischief into the mix and you have a guy who, at pretty much all times, is really fun to be around.

I respect Peggles, he’s bailed me out of a lot of kak over the years and has proven, beyond question, that he has my back.


Jessica Rabbit

Sexy amazing

Sexy amazing

The first one has to be Jessica Rabbit. The first one through the rabbit hole into this place. She was built for this, it’s natural for her and because of that, she’s faster and smarter than any of the ones that will follow.

But look closer, she’s not all animal, she loves animals, understand them, but she’s not all animal 😉

I met Jessica Rabbit seven years ago, back at Varsity.

A kind of electricity sparked off that night, the chemistry was undeniably strong, but the timing was lousy. It’s taken a long time for our lives to move in synch, but now that they do, things couldn’t be better.

J-Rab is smart, fun and sexy. She boxes clever and gives as good as she gets. She’s into rock music, sometimes the harder stuff like Seether, sometimes the more upbeat stuff like Kings of Leon and sometimes the sadder stuff like The Decemberists or The Wallflowers.

She steers clear of pop mainly, and she is more patient than any woman I have ever met when it comes to my continual and obsessive drive to always play and listen to new bands and music.

She has hazel eyes like mountain pools, deep enough to lose entire sentences in and a smile that I fell in love with instantly. She’s wild and passionate and beautiful.

But most importantly, she gets me. She laughs at my jokes and I laugh at hers, and as long as there is laughter, you can overcome anything.

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