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New Radiohead album – What’s The Feeling?

It dawned on me the other day that in almost every aspect of my life I’m probably in the early majority / late majority hump on the adoption curve, except music.

With music, I need it NOW! A new album gets released and I have to have it inside my skull as quickly as possible. That’s how it was with the new Radiohead album, King Of Limbs. They released it for internet download on Friday and by 2pm I’d already heard the album twice.

What’s my overall opinion thus far? I’m not sure it can hold a flame to In Rainbows. As with all their material, maybe it will grow on me, but my initial impression is that they’ve backslid into Amnesiac territory on this one and musically, guitars have taken a backseat to pianos, electronic blips and beeps and shuffling drum machine beats.

The first single, “LotusFlower” is a great track though and Thom Yorke’s spazzing out is something you gotta see to believe.



Sadly though, the main topic of conversation doing the rounds on the interwebs right now seems to be, “Is Radiohead the most overrated band of all time?”

I didn’t think so before King Of Limbs, but this paltry 8 track effort has disappointed me on the first few listens and shown an uncharacteristic lack of inspiration from this band, who have always rated highly in my top 10 bands of all time.

What do you guys think? Anyone out there heard the new album yet?



New Radiohead album lands on Saturday!

It’s probably already old news, but Radiohead announced that their new album, “King Of Limbs” is going to be available for digital download from the site on Saturday.



King Of Limbs costs £6.00 for the MP3 version, £9.00 for the WAV version, £30.00 for the “Newspaper album” version in MP3s and £33.00 for the WAV version (which comprises 2 x 10” vinyls, a CD, a whole lot of artwork and other rad stuffs too!).

I’m fucking excited guys. This band can do no wrong in my eyes, pure and simple. I have every album they’ve done in studio and a couple they haven’t plus a few of B-Sides and some acoustic versions of their stuff and never once has an album disappointed me.

Mark my words, 2011 is going to be a great year for music.

Thanks to Civilian for giving me the heads-up on this one. Love your work dude Winking smile



Album Review: Cake – Showroom Of Compassion

Some bands find a sound that works for an album, some find a sound that works for five and very rarely, some find a sound that works for every album.

Was I disappointed that Cake’s new album Showroom Of Compassion sounds strikingly similar to their previous five albums? No. In fact to be quite honest, I was relieved because I’m a pretty firm believer that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.



Frontman John McCrea’s vocals are just as full of the esoteric ennui that captivated listeners back in the late 90s, Xan McCurdy’s guitar tone still sounds stolen from a jangly country and western song and he still works his fretboard like he’s reinventing musical scales by ditching all the crap notes.

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The Tiger’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

Yeah! Music stuffs! I used to post music stuffs all the time and the thing is I still post music stuffs, just not on this site, on If you go there right now you’ll see that I pretty much OWN that site content wise and it’s awesome!

If you want awesome content on your site too why the hell don’t you just mail me at, pay me a modest fee and prepare for your site views to hit the mother flippin’ ceiling yo!

I’m a gun for hire these days, which is the badass way of saying I’ll lick your balls for $5.

The Pulpmag gig helps me to pay the rent, but the diehard fans of this site get pissed off when I post my Pulpmag stuff here because I usually give the opening few paragraphs of a review and then make them hit Pulpmag for the rest.



But seriously. I think it’s time we moved past such petty grievances. This is 2011, clicking on a little link to take you to another page for content isn’t going to kill you.

Man up fer chrissake!

So check, check, check it out yo, here are my top ten albums for 2010 so you can laugh at my girly taste in music…


The Tiger’s Top 10 Albums of 2010




Album Review: Brandon Flowers – Flamingo

The Killers had a good thing going. Both Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town shook up the music scene with their hook-heavy indie ballads, foot-tappingly infectious riffs and Brandon Flowers’ primal sincerity in nearly every line he sang.



But with the release of Day And Age music critics began suspecting that the band was losing the magic that made The Killers killer. The band did what every band does when they start running out of ideas, they played it safe and as a result Day And Age had very little going for it and ended up turning a lot of diehard fans off The Killers altogether.

So it was no real surprise when Brandon Flowers announced he was striking out alone and even less of a surprise when the first single off Flamingo landed sounding almost exactly like the material Flowers used to play with The Killers.

Give it a few listens though and it quickly becomes apparent that while there are a lot of similarities between The Killers and Flowers’ solo album, there are enough differences to keep it interesting and given time, Flamingo reveals an amazing depth that it’s easy to miss if you aren’t listening carefully.

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Album Review: Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns

When they came out of nowhere, guns blazin’ back in 2000 with their killer debut album Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park broke so much new ground in the rap/nu metal genre that even the most hardened music critics couldn’t help but admit the boys from Cali were packing the musical equivalent of a hand full of aces.

Hybrid Theory was stacked full of powerful, catchy riffs and hooks, which were perfectly accentuated by the irrepressible anger of front man Chester Bennington’s shredded vocals and Mike Shinoda’s excellently written rhymes.



Now, nearly a decade later Linkin Park have released their fourth offering, A Thousand Suns, and sadly it’s even less appealing than 2007’s Minutes To Midnight, which pretty much makes it the band’s worst album to date. When a band opens an album with not one, but two tracks that are largely just a collection of different noises overlaid with a spattering of vocals and a 50-second sound bite, you know right then and there that they’re running out of ideas.

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Album Review: Philip Selway – Familial

There’s no two ways about it, drummers are a special bunch. Quiet and stoic, they have a gentle way about them not unlike idiot savants or people with severe autism.

This is, of course, a gross over-generalisation. There are at least three drummers that come to mind who are exceptionally gifted with both intelligence and musical ability, and one of those three is Philip Selway.



Selway was well on his way to becoming a full-time academic back in the early 90s, studying English and History in Liverpool, before he joined arguably the best alternative / indie / experimental rock band of all time, Radiohead.

There are only a few drummers in the world that boast the chops and muscle that Selway does behind a kit and can still pull off the shuffling, syncopated twists and turns that gave Radiohead classics like “Idioteque” and “There There” the bones to stand tall and strong.

Question is, is Selway worth a damn as a solo musician, or does his material sound like watered-down Radiohead B-sides?

Huh. Not an easy question.

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