HALLOWEEN 09 and the tale of the dreaded Voodoo curse

So far the day’s been a busy one, no doubt. I got the following stuff, each one from a different place practically:

1 x Green Glitter
1 x Glue bottle
1 x Green nose stud
1 x Green ribbon
6 x Cinnabons
1 x Bottle Vodka
1 x 6pack Windhoek
1 x 6pack Savana Dry
1 x Chopsticks

I also chose out a TV cabinet for my birthday. How fucking off the hook is that? You know you’re getting old when the thought of new lounge furniture excites you.



In the shops today I fell victim once again to the ancient voodoo curse that has haunted me my whole life.

The Deadly Voodoo Queue Curse.



More times than I’d care to admit, I find myself standing at the back of really long queues, as do most of us at some stage or another.

I sigh in resignation, dutifully take my place at the back and switch my brain off completely until I’m at the front.

Here’s where it gets creepy.



When I get to the front, this kind of cold shiver all of a sudden creeps down my spine, like a breath of icey cold air. I turn around, wide-eyed, and find…


Behind me there is no one. It doesn’t matter if 35 people are in the queue in front of me, I get to the front and there’s not a soul behind me.

Just empty space, it happens to me all the time and I guess it’s fitting that it happened today, on Halloween, the creepiest time of year.

So all of us have got our costumes sorted – Jenni-fuh is going as Poison Ivy, I’m going as a flesh eating zombie and J-Rab is going as Tinkerbell, hooray!

Thing about my zombie that’s gonna be cool though is that I’m getting a girl studying make-up to do me up as a Zombie (see? Capital Z) and I’m wearing white contact lenses which look fucking creepy as all hell in my eyes.


And as I write that, Arctic Monkeys ‘Crying Lightning’ starts blasting across this cold afternoon and through the clouds a knife of daylight comes slicing down and for a moment, the world could be a friendly place.

Is it?

“They say that God is in the radio, ch-ch-ch-checkin the stations… I know you hear it, i hear it too, it’s everywhere that i go”

The say the devil is paranoid
Always signin the cover
But god is leakin through the stereo
Between the station to station
You believe it, I know you do
You won’t admit it or say so
I know that god is in the radio
Just repeating a slogan

– Queens of the Stone Age, “God is in the radio” (Songs for the deaf).




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