Saturday waking

Thing about fish, we discovered later, is you gotta be pretty vigilant when you’re cooking it on an open fire. This is by no means to suggest that we don’t know how to braai fish, Graum’s braaied a good couple fish in his time, many of which I’ve eaten and they’ve all turned out to be pretty damn good.


What a fish braai kinda looks like... if you're homeless

What a fish braai kinda looks like... if you're homeless


The problem we had was with the vigilance part of the deal. Graum was the only one keeping an eye on things and we were all on a pretty potent mix. The fish was excellent, people said, but slightly overdone.

The day I guess also turned overdone at the end of everything – a good 90% of the remaining troops were fast asleep on the couches in our flat by about 9 at night, myself included. The camera tracked through all the glass bottles and the images of all our sleeping bodies stretched and contracted slowly in muted colours shining from the TV screen.

J-Rab was the first to do gown, she looked warm and happy in her sleep, completely oblivious to the noise of the rest of us getting up between movies. Graum and I rented two DVDs, the first one we watched was ‘Human Nature’, and then we tried to watch ‘Mirrors’, a psychological thriller with Keifer Sutherland, but that’s what put the rest of us down.

The braai didn’t get rained out in the end, but the sky hang low and dark and four about five hours the light was strange and silvery and it looked like we were paused on the edge of a kind of perpetual twilight.


5 Hour Twilight

5 Hour Twilight


In the end it was Graum, M-Class, Jenni-fuh, the Hindian, Action Jackson and his girl, Slitterpuff. Last person to join was Glazyboy in a fetching grey vest and hiking boots that got him a lot of attention.

We laid a couple of blankets out on the grass by the pool and did our best to enjoy the weather. Thing is it was warm, just cloudy and later on, well after the sun had set, Jenni-fuh, J-Rab and I stripped to our underwear and swam for about 3 minutes before the cold water froze our bits off.

Back in the flat afterwards I started to initiate a tequila smack down. The Hindian looked like a brave dude, so after making him fetch the plastic table from the pool area (about 500 meters) from the flat, I poured him a tequila and he hardly said a word after that.

Well, not that I remember anyway, except every time something weird happened in ‘Human Nature’, he’d say ‘No!’ in total disbelief.

Funniest thing was J-Rab was sleeping in my lap during ‘Mirrors’ and randomly woke up during one of the scary parts, so she half-shielded her eyes with the back of her hand, her elbow up in the air. Then she drifted back to sleep, but left her elbow up there.

A couple of moments later, her elbow starts swaying backwards and forwards slowly so I burst out laughing and lower it back down for her and she smiles contentedly in her sleep, snuggles up closer and drifts way off again.

Good times I tell you, good times 🙂



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