Saturday dreaming

Weekends only really become sacred when you start working. Up until then, even when you’re in school, they’re welcome, but unlike when you start working, you don’t crave them. You don’t sit on a Monday morning praying to sweet baby Jesus that it was still the weekend.


Gonna be a bright sunshiney day!

Gonna be a bright sunshiney day!


At varsity I could hardly distinguish between weekends and week days, it’s the weirdest thing. I know I worked at varsity, I mean I must have because I actually managed to pass all my subjects the first time, didn’t repeat a single year and came out with two degrees, but I really don’t remember ever really busting my balls.

What I remember is lazy summer afternoons, chilling at friend’s digses and res rooms, shooting the breeze and laughing, a lot of laughing.

On sunny days like today I feel closer to that part of me and not the 9-5 Tiger I’ve become. Don’t get me wrong, in comparison to what a lot of other people do, my job is actually extremely stress free, but it doesn’t mean I don’t work hard. I do, I just have the good fortune of really enjoying what I do and the people I work with are incredible.

So yeah, the week’s over and now there’s nothing left to do except whatever the hell I want. There are rumours of bowling, the 10-pin kind, not the lawn kind, and possibly we might go and see Inglorious Basterds, cause it opened yesterday and all reviews so far have been really good.

But for now, J-Rab is antsy and says I must stop this incessant blogging, get off my ass and go do some grocery shopping, and that is exactly what I’m gonna do 🙂 

*****************TIME PASSES****************

Now it’s later and plans have changed. Now it’s FISH BRAAI! FISH BRAAI always attracts a whole bunch of people cause the minute you say BRAAI people are like OK yeah, braai, ok, I can do that. But when you say FISH BRAAI people have a totally different reaction. They’re like Huh, fish braai? Wow, fish! Sure, that sounds rad, I’ll be there.

So yeah, that’s the dealy-o, I’m FISH BRAAI-ing, possibly in the pouring rain, ONLY TIME WILL TELL!


Yeah... um... I think I jinxed it...

Yeah... um... I think I jinxed it...


SLickTiger out.



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