Visions in the Traffic

On the way here I saw restless housewives walking the streets in gangs of three and four, dressed in stretchy gym attire, striding purposefully down the road, achieving nothing.

I saw a pothole, the same old one on Colleraine, only now it’s sprouting a tiny spray of water in a thin stream. It looked like some water-feature carefully constructed by the invisable agents of destruction that wreck the roads of this city.

I imagined myself small and bathing in that tiny water spray, the cars gliding past overhead, blocking the sun completely, motherships, all of them.

The weekend was another humdinger – click on this link right now to find out useful information like ‘How to bribe a cop’ and scroll down past this post for an awesome, pretty intense short story from a few years back I like to call ‘Punctuality’ – awesome Monday morning reading.

Otherwise it’s straight back to the grind with me – this boulder ain’t gonna roll itself 😉


The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind


Until tomorrow,



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