Complaints from the Neighbours

A woman lives behind us who hates us a lot right now. On a scale of 1 to 10 she hates us at about an 11.

Yesterday things got a little out of hand, but not too much. Ex-Bear and Action Jackson came around and we started laying into Vodka and beer. At one stage I suggested nailing a tequila, but actually lost my nerve, which hardly ever happens.

So then I made the mistake of asking Ex-Bear to jam some guitar, play us his new song he’s been working on. The thing about Ex-Bear though is that the dude has a set of lungs on him like a pair of bellows and when he gets going, his voice is so loud the windows shake.


Ex-Bear's lungs - a rad sketch

Ex-Bear's lungs - a rad sketch


He played his new song, and belted out the lyrics nice and loud and strong. He sings right from his abdomen, like you’re supposed to so the sound is pretty epic.

The second he strummed the last chord, Ladywholivesbehindus knocked on the door, hard and angry.

She shat us out good and proper, told me she was going to report us to our landlord (this is the 7th time she’s made this threat. Whether or not she’s actually ever done it is beyond me, but our landlord’s never said anything). I tried to be as apologetic as possible, but c’mon! On weekends we are supposed to be able to make noise until 11pm and this was at 10.35.

Then you wake up the next day feeling all lousy and hungover and guilty. I can feel it passing already though.

Otherwise, The Maen just skype called and we bounced ideas around for a really cool show we’d like to do, first prize would be to get a local TV station to buy into it, but second prize would be to get it on the internet. I mean, this amateur show called Fred gets thousands of hits (check Fred on Youtube. Actually don’t, it’s creepy and really annoying) so why can’t we?

I gotta get my shit together though, it’s Glaze’s birthday so I said I’d go through to his place and party.

Secretly Action and myself are going to try and get Glaze really, really wasted, well that was the plan anyway, but I feel low on energy today and probably won’t do it.

Tomorrow I’m gonna give this site the attention it deserves. Posts like this have no real value, but tomorrow I’ll have more time to blog coherently.

Peace out.



1 Response to “Complaints from the Neighbours”

  1. October 17, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    It was EPIC FIERCE chatting T-dizzle. Looking forward to some ‘Bred’ and butter activities in the coming months… keep up the good work

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