Peace Plant

Fuck how crazy, not even three weeks and I don’t post and I feel like crap. Like I’m breaking some kind of promise to myself. This post is for no one but me, no one but me is likely to pick it up, bering ten to six on a friday evening.

Me for one, I’m drunk. And there’s no fucking way in hell I’d read someone’s blog right noe. Fuck, and I had so much planned for today. I consider it a ball dropped, but the circumstances were beyond my control.

But hey, here I am blogginh. No love lost.

I decided this morning even to call this post ‘Peace Plant’ and no, it’s not about marajuana, it’s about an actual plant you buy called Peace In The Home.

J-Rab and I bought this plant about 3 weeks ago because nothing refines energy in the house hold like a plant.

So we saw Peace in the Home and we figured it sounded like a pretty good deal, and lets be honest, every couple living together probably could use a Peace In The Home plant.

So we bought it, took it home. Eight days later it was dead.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not cause J-Rab and me fight so much, there’s no peace in the home and the plant died. Negative vibes didn’t kill the plant. I did.

Couple days after I bought it, I thought probably it would be a good idea to water it, which is what I did. Then I was going to work about three days later and the plant was looking sad, so I watered it again.

And also the day after cause it looked even worse.

Then a day or two passes and J-Rab and I are leaving for work and she points out the Peace In The Home plant, and the fucker is BLACK.


Botany - tricky

Botany - tricky


Dead. Mostly. Turns out I drowned it. Also, I can a powerfully chaotic energy around me that might have killed it. An agent of complete chaos. Negative energy didn’t kill that plant. An overflow of energy killed htat plant.

Good news though is that I stopped watering it, and now some tiny shoots of life are coming back to it, and I honestly think it’s gonna make it.

I always overshoot the mark befoire I shoot it.

But anyway, that’s the end of this post. You can go back to your suck-ass life now, cause I’m gonna go get laid.



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