Jessica Rabbit

Sexy amazing

Sexy amazing

The first one has to be Jessica Rabbit. The first one through the rabbit hole into this place. She was built for this, it’s natural for her and because of that, she’s faster and smarter than any of the ones that will follow.

But look closer, she’s not all animal, she loves animals, understand them, but she’s not all animal 😉

I met Jessica Rabbit seven years ago, back at Varsity.

A kind of electricity sparked off that night, the chemistry was undeniably strong, but the timing was lousy. It’s taken a long time for our lives to move in synch, but now that they do, things couldn’t be better.

J-Rab is smart, fun and sexy. She boxes clever and gives as good as she gets. She’s into rock music, sometimes the harder stuff like Seether, sometimes the more upbeat stuff like Kings of Leon and sometimes the sadder stuff like The Decemberists or The Wallflowers.

She steers clear of pop mainly, and she is more patient than any woman I have ever met when it comes to my continual and obsessive drive to always play and listen to new bands and music.

She has hazel eyes like mountain pools, deep enough to lose entire sentences in and a smile that I fell in love with instantly. She’s wild and passionate and beautiful.

But most importantly, she gets me. She laughs at my jokes and I laugh at hers, and as long as there is laughter, you can overcome anything.

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