Sushi for Breakfast

I can honestly say that you haven’t eaten breakfast until you’ve eaten SUSHI FOR BREAKFAST. I just ate SUSHI FOR BREAKFAST and the delicate and delicious flavours combined with the natural brain-enhancing oils of the fish have pumped me UP TO THE MAX!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so go out right now and nail some SUSHI FOR BREAKFAST. You can thank me later.


Sushi for Breakfast - Nom!

Sushi for Breakfast - Nom!


In other news it’s another sunny day here in Joeys and the weekend looms ever closer. Tonight it’s my good buddy Jacey-got-the-aceys birthday at a place called Sky Bar. It’s a pretty swanky place, but last time I went there it was full of people in their mid-to-late thirties, half of whom seemed to be Jewish.

I have nothing against Jewish people, half my family is Jewish, but sometimes it feels like they have something against me. Like this one time way back in varsity I got invited by Peggles to a 21st for one of Peggles’ Jewish friends, and I think Pa-ool was there as well.

Anyway, the Jewish guy settled on a Rasta theme for his birthday, which we all thought was pretty cool. I figured we’d arrive there and find a whole bunch of bohemian student-types smoking hookah and passing joints around.

Boy-o-boy was I wrong.

We arrive at the dude’s parents house to a party of the most swankily dressed ‘Rastas’ I’ve ever seen in my life. Designer Rastas, we called them. And not a hookah or joint to be seen for miles. The girls were pretty smoking hot though, but what very quickly became aparant was that everyone at the party knew each other really, really well, as in, grew up together and EVERYONE was Jewish except for Peggles, Pa-ool and me.

Also, I was the only guy there who actually technically wasn’t invited. Peggles thought it would be a chilled 21st and I could crash it, no worries. Wrong again.

In my defence, I tried my very best to be as polite and sociable as possible, I talked to as many people as possible, introduced myself, made polite conversation, but the whole time I got this feeling like I was not welcome.

After I’d put a couple drinks in me I decided fuck this and rolled a massive spliff. Peggles, Pa-ool and I ducked behind some bushes in the garden and proceeded to burn that fucker down, completely oblivious to the fact that the speeches had just started, and more importantly, everyone was gathered, friends and family, down-wind from us.


This was about the size of it... only smaller...

This was about the size of it... only mine was bigger... (that's what she said)


By the time we were through, everyone there hated us. Leppers would have been more popular. It was hilarious – I’d move towards a group of people to try and engage in conversation and the group would almost instantly dissolve and disappear. It was like there was a magnetic field around me making it physically imposible for anyone besides Peggles and Pa-ool to come within 5 feet of me.

Haha, good times.

So anyway, Sky Bar is the plan for tonight, then tomorrow my buddy Pooperoo is here from England and wants to party so I just gotta find the right place and the right time and it’s AWN!

I just hope J-Rab is up for it. Her arm is still hurting a lot, but she’s a little trooper and I know she’s a damn side tougher than she looks.

She wouldn’t be able to date a maniac like me if she wasn’t 😉



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