Bright Sunshiney Day

Everytime summer rolls around I get this same old feeling, probably something programmed into my DNA, like life is awesome and like I could just leave this place, this stuffy office and drive until all the buildings melted away. I would head for the coast, find a beautiful beach, sit back and do nothing.


Waaaaaayyy better than any office, ever! (image from: http://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotos-g147313-d953211-Shields_Negril_Villas-Negril_Jamaica.html)

World's best office


Back at varsity our digs was way out on the outskirts of town and our back garden was really wild and unkempt except for the dugout, which was a circular hole we dug that formed a tiny, natural ampitheatre.

We used to sit there and watch the hummingbirds. We could sit for hours without speaking, kinda dozing in the sun, it was a tiny piece of Shangri-la, our own private Xanadu.

Today is a sneaky and dangerous day because there are only three people in the office including me, it’s a beautiful day, and chilling to the max seems like a mighty good idea.

But no! Instead I’m gonna bust my balls, there’s shit that needs doing, emails burning holes in my inbox, aaarrgghhh! The guilt is killing me.

Oh, and I promised J-Rab I’d print a retraction about her little bird-bones. She says they are not bird bones, they are adamantium bones because even after the severe impact she sustained in her fall (I forgot to mention in that last post that she slipped and fell while walking down a steel ramp carying a butload of stuff) they still didn’t break.


J-Rabs actual skeleton

J-Rabs actual skeleton


Later masturbators.



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