J-Rab Takes a Spill

Today was a bit of a suck-ass day, J-Rab called me at about lunchtime in tears cause she took a bad fall at work and her elbow was all chewed up, so I jumped in the Red Baron and missioned off to save her.

Now she’s lying comatose in bed, they shot her full of Tramel, which is pretty strong stuff and I was jealous as hell.

Usually it’s me lying there, getting shot full of all manner of tranqs, muscle relaxants, anti-inflamatories and pain killers.

I’m a little accident prone. To put it lightly.


Skydiving - easier with a parachute

Skydiving - easier with a parachute (this isn't me in case you were wondering, just a random injured dude I found on the internet)


More than once I’ve stood in the wreckage around me, wondering how the fuck I’m still alive, praying to god that everyone else is too.

I’m a bit of a cynical fucker when it comes to god though. The only god I could ever believe in would be the ‘Deus Absconditis’ – the god who left, absconded from his throne.

He loaded the dice and left the game.


This painting was done moments before God left his creation to go fishing

Moments later God left His creation to go fishing


Girls are gentle and delicate creatures. I always used to say to J-Rab she had bird’s bones, tiny and intricate and she would laugh and protest that she had normal bones like anyone.

Thing is, while we were waiting for her x-rays to be read today, I snuck out into the passage and found the doctor who was treating her staring at a PC screen with high-res pics of J-Rab’s x-rays.

I definitely nailed it all those years back. She does have little bird bones, I saw them.

It was really funny cause the doc looking at the x-rays was talking on her cell phone and not really paying attention to what was going on and the minute I saw J-Rab’s x-rayed arm I practically shouted, “HAH! BIRD BONES! I KNEW IT!”


J-Rab's X-Ray. I was right all along!

J-Rab's X-Ray. I was right all along!


The doc stared at me like I was nuts. I wish I could say that was the first time, but doctors have stared at me like that more times than I care to count.

Especially on the day I took the biggest and best shit of my life, but that’s not really a topic I care to discuss right now, if you’re really interested maybe I’ll dedicate a post to it another time, your call. Stop looking at me like that.

So now I’m making supper, checking my mails and listening to the new Pearl Jam album. I might review it this weekend, doesn’t sound too bad, so far it’s an improvement on their last self-titled album, pretty stoked about that.

Better get back to my steak, it ain’t gonna cook itself 😉



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