Saturday Lands

I’m writing this in bed, it’s 7.50 on a grey Saturday morning and I guess the best song to describe the mood of today so far would be Foo Fighters ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’.


Rock stars - hairy and rad

Rock stars - hairy and rad (except the dude on the left. He's a douchebag)


Dig that song, go find it right now, play that song and you will understand what great tone sounds like.

That acoustic guitar is doing everything it should, and the sound of that is so clean and bright, it’s like it’s playing right inside your head.

Something about the sound of a well played guitar sparks off and amazing feeling in me. It happened the first time when I was 11 years old, my mom bought me Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ for Christmas, and I’ve never been the same since.


Alright, I'll admit it, it's the naked baby-weiner that did it for me

Alright, I'll admit it, it's the naked baby-weiner that did it for me


The minute I slipped that cassette tape into my walkman and the first few chords of ‘Teen Spirit’ ripped through my soft and squishy brain, I knew something incredible was happening to me.

In some form or another, that monsterous four-chord riff has been echoing through my life ever since. The notes in those chords gave birth to hundreds of other notes, shredded at inhuman speeds, bludgeoned with viscious rage and strummed, slow and sweet on summer afternoons.

I’ve been haunted by reverb and ripped apart by distortion more times than I could ever count.

From time to time, and especially as I get older, I’ll listen to other stuff too, my only prerequisite when it comes to music these days is that it be excellent, I don’t care what genre it is, if it gets radio play or not, or if the singer is super-model gorgeous.

Just give me something I can sink my teeth into, anything.

Probably a large part of this blog will be dedicated to music and my pursuit of it. I buy it relentlessly, everything and anything, from either www.mp3panda.com or http://www.legalsounds.com– both nice and cheap MP3 sites.

That way if an album is a dud you don’t feel like you’ve been molested in the ass. Here in South Africa CDs are so expensive you feel like you’re taking a huge risk everytime you buy one.

And so I find myself lying here, wandering what to do with my day. At some point I’ll need to get a haircut. I have a dead skunk for a hairstyle right now.


My hair - yeah, it's that bad

My hair - yeah, it's that bad


Later on I’ll need to get J-Rab from work (that’s why I’m up so early, we share a car and she needs to be at work at 7 every second Saturday and Sunday and she works till 5. It’s fucking horrible) but that’s about it.

Wouldn’t mind working on the animated series my buddy Wopna and I are trying to script and storyboard. I can’t write anything about it except that it’s gonna fucking rock the planet it will be so rad.

That is, if Wopna ever gets off his ass and finishes the storyboards. I understand they take time, but we’re now more than 6 months in and I think he’s sketched 10 shots maybe.

Time to mobilise. Same time tomorrow? You bet your ass.



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